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The Blue Mountains and the road North

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15-16 March, 2012

The Blue Mountains are one of my favourite parts of australia, but if you're not keen on hiking, climbing or canyoning, there's only so many cliffs you can look at before you're kinda done with it. Kata enjoyed all the op shops in Katoomba, which really is a pretty town, but eventually it was time to move on.

Not that we didn't do any walking while we were there! We had a nice half day walking down to the bottom of the incline railway, looking at the old coal mine there and enjoying the descent through the rainforest. We enjoyed an evening walk out to look at Wentworth Falls, with the dryer bush there. We enjoyed cakes and coffees, and oversized burgers and beers.

But head on we did. North and west, over the range through Lithgow, and onwards through the coal country. We were headed to Narrabri, to visit mum in her new home. And the route we picked was now taking us well off the tourist path. This was Australia.

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