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Kaputar National Park with Mum and Kata

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18 March, 2012

For our second day with mum, we headed up to Kaputar National Park for some short walks. We got another beautiful blue sky day, and had the park almost entirely to ourselves. Kaputar is a huge area, but being so far from the major cities, it doesn't seem to get a huge amount of traffic. Especially for all the rock available to climb!

While we were at one picnic area we ran into a whole family group of Kangaroos, which were fun to watch. The way the dad watched us carefully the whole time, mixed with the relaxed attitude of being somewhat used to humans, but the very wild edgy and jittery nature of animals pretty sure that they couldn't really trust us one little bit, no matter how calm we may have appeared.

On the way back home we saw a few big piles of spinifex blowing along the road side, making big waves of spinifex. It was really quite magical to watch, though I've basically completely failed at capturing any of it on video of course :) Then it was our last night with mum in Narrabri before heading back to the coast and up to Brisbane again.

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