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The road from Maitreya to Shoalhaven

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13 March, 2012

We had a wonderful weekend with Damo and Melanie at the Maitreya festival, but we had a wedding to get to in Brisbane!

We boarded the merry camper, and headed back towards the sea. We were looking towards a day or so on the beaches south of Sydney, before heading up into the Blue Mountains.

Kata got to have some fun cruising up the Hume Highway, we enjoyed a glorious mountain drive between Mossvale and Kangaroo Valley. We enjoyed burning some of my hair off in a bbq in Gundagai. We enjoyed flooded roads and downed trees along the Murchison-Violet Town road. We enjoyed the sunburnt country.

And then we were in Shoalhaven Bay. White sandy beaches, wallabys in the campground, parachute men flying in the sky above us. The adventures continued!

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