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Caving Langihellir and Tanngarðshellir near Bláfjöll

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11 November, 2012

After the last caving trip, Ewelina complained loudly that she'd always always always wanted to go caving, and why hadn't we called her.

So, she organised some people, and cars, and organised another trip! We went up to Strompahraun, near Bláfjöll. The main goal was Langihellir, suggested by Hrafn, a caving/hiking/rescue squad guy that Ewelina knew, and one that a few of us had failed to get to a few years ago. We were much earlier this year, but still probably one of the last weekends before they snow over.

Langihellir was nice, full of icicles. It has a very nice flat even floor most of the way, which probably had a lot of stalagmites at one stage. You can still see quite a few, but a lot of them are broken off. Quite a lot would have been accidental, a poor light and you could easily just kick a lot of them over. We only explored the south-west end, stopping in a very icy chamber, full of breakdown.

We'd made good time, and started quite early in the day, so we decided to visit Tanngarðshellir on the way back to the car, less time to be out in the cold :)

Tanngarðshellir is another cave we've visited before, and it was just as beautiful this time around. However, I wasn't as well prepared as normal, and hadn't properly charged all my batteries, so no pictures from here today.

Everyone had a great day, by all accounts, and Ewelina was very happy finally going caving.

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