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Riding the autumn colours in Heiðmörk

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23 September, 2012

Another warm autumn day, not another day to lose! I didn't feel like driving too far, and after hearing all the biking exploits of my friends, I thought maybe a ride was in order. I've been riding home from work twice a week or so, but wanted to do something more. Some time back I'd picked up a map of Heiðmörk, a big outdoor rec area just outside town. I've explored some parts of it quite a lot before, but there's a big section I'd never even gone to. And it had lots of tracks marked on it, so I thought, what the hell, throw the bike in the car, and go for a ride away from home, instead of just the coast routes near home I normally ride.

I can't believe I'd never done this before. Absolutely spectacular! Autumn colours, some warm drizzle, and mostly deserted. I ride a stunning ~14km loop, and will definitely be riding it again. (Or even skiing it again, it's a popular cross country skiing area in winter)

Awesome afternoon!