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Síldarævintýri - Herring adventure in Kolgrafafjörður

Pictures are at the bottom...

9 February, 2013

In early December, there was a big die off of herring in Kolgrafafjörður, estimated at about 30,000 tonnes. It was attributed to a lack of oxygen in the water. Current theories are that the bridge across the mouth of the fjord overly restricts the flow of water in and out. Nothing conclusive.

This week, it happened again. Current estimates are another 22,000 tonnes. This time, it was colder weather, and a bit more thought had been given, so some of these are being picked up. 8 krona per kilo. Apparently all being used to make mink food, exported to Denmark. The local school kids had friday off work and came out to pick up fish. So far they estimate about 200 tonne or so have been picked up. There were some pretty good pictures, and it just sounded so amazing that we had to go and see it ourselves.

It was AMAZING. Hard to describe, and the pictures just show part of it.

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