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Westfjords trip - Látrabjarg and Rauðasandur

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4 July, 2013

Day 2 we headed straight out to Látrabjarg, for a walk along the clifftops, and to check out the puffins. Puffins are always cool, and we saw plenty of razorbills and kittiwakes and gulls and so on too, but you go to Látrabjarg to see puffins.

We went around to Kollsvík to eat lunch at the end of the road, but the picnic table was in a serious Kría attack zone, so we didn't stay for long, and headed for afternoon cake and coffee at Rauðasandur, followed by a relaxing walk on the beach.

We were there on a thursday, and there was a festival there over the weekend, just getting setup. We later found that the whole thing got blown away by a storm coming in over the beach, with guests scattered to guesthouses near and far!

From there we headed to our evenings accomodation in Patreksfjörður, where we had the most delicious burgers I've had in a very long time, at the restaraunt, Þorpið. We had a stroll around town afterwards, and came across the local firemen practising some demos involving burning stoves and pouring water on burning oil, good fun!

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