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Westfjords trip - Bolungarvík, Vigur and Ísafjörður

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8 July, 2013

Last night the clouds had come in, but as we woke up the sun was rapidly burning off the clouds. We headed to the end of the road past Bolungarvík, up the mountains to Bolafjall and the old radar station, and oh, the really fantastic view from up there! We had a pretty spectacular day on this day, and we had just the right places to enjoy it. We drove out to Skálavík which was particularly idyllic in the sunshine, and then back towards Ísafjörður via the handcrafts shop in Bolungarvík.

Where I bought the most delicious Rhubarb and Raspberry jam. Divine!

Bára had wanted to go to Vigur for a while, and as this was her trip afterall, we surprised her with a trip out there for the afternoon. We'd been trying (and succeeding!) to let the entire trip unfold just a day at a time for her so far, which was pretty neat. Kata and Begga did a great job putting the whole trip together.

Vigur was a nice afternoon, a little touristy, but so absurdly icelandic in it's way. Dozens of tourists of all nationalities happily strolling around the island waving little sticks with flags to stop the kría from attacking them (too much) A stroll around the island in a (very) very loose group and then back to the main farmhouse for a well laid out afternoon tea, and then back on the boat and back to Ísafjörður.

Oh, Ísafjörður. One of the true delights of Ísafjörður is Tjöruhúsið, one of the best restaurauts in the world. In an old house by the harbour, built in 1782 and it's just fantastic. Fixed price, big shared long bench tables, and a buffet with a bit of a twist. It's not a buffet with a few dishes in bulk, it's a buffet in that hot pans of fresh cooked fish slide out when they're ready, and no two pans are alike. You get fish, and you get it fresh and you get it delicious!

Before that though, we had a nice leisurely stroll around town in the afternoon sun. And we found jellyfish! Lots and lots and lots of jellyfish! We heard from a man by the harbour that it happens every year about this time, but I'd never seen anything like it. Tens of thousands or more baby jellyfish, all crammed into a back corner of the harbour, at blotting out the sun thickness levels. Really neat!

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