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Westfjords trip - Strandir

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10 July, 2013

We only had one night in Norðurfjörður, so we had a drive around to the end of the road, or at least as far as we were taking our car, the old herring factory at Eiði. Unlike Djúpavík, this one has big hand painted signs banning access. Djúpavík, where we would stop later, offers tours of the entire factory ruins, and runs an art gallery in one section. Slightly different styles, but there's also a hotel next door at Djúpavík, and only an old farm and a very steep dirt road down to Eiði.

Nice spot, but a pretty good example of speculation gone wrong. Such an enormous factory, and only operated for about 12 years, from during WW2 through until 1952.

Munaðarnes, nearby was lovely though, blanketed in flowers, and with a wonderful view north and west up along the rest of the Strandir coast. But with no more roads, we headed back southwards. I had another hot pot to visit, at Gjögur, which we found, but it's now signed as "closed" Not entirely sure the story there. I'd hoped to get some harðfiskur here too, but there was nobody home that day :)

Oh well, at least there was a house with my name on it! Southwards again, we stopped for a longer stop at Djúpavík, for some food and a stroll around the factory, before eventually ending up in Hólmavík for the night.

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