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Westfjords trip - The journey home

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11 July, 2013

We stayed in Steinhúsið in Hólmavík for our last night, and it was lovely, a really nice house. We had a nice stroll around the harbour and then chatted with a nice norwegian scientist in the common room for a while before turning in.

We didn't have a lot planned for the drive back, but we stopped at the arts and crafts shop at Kŕoksfjarðarnes which turned out to be very nice.

We got back in time to catch "Athöfn á Húna" too, which was a very cute idea of a bunch of icelandic musicians to sail around on an old boat, doing a concert in a different harbour every afternoon for three weeks. Oh, and doing it as a fundraiser for the rescue teams around the country. Not really the best venue of course, on the back of a boat in the harbour, but a cool idea at least :)

And so ended our great trip of the west fjords! Lots of fun all round by all accounts, I sure had a good time!