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Trölladyngja and Lambafellsgjá with Ewelina, Maria and Árni

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17 March 2013

There had been some longterm plans on going hiking one weekend, and it finally materialized on a beautiful clear blue day. It had been "warm" in town, so we were all keen and excited to get out and into the mountains. We were ready early and fit and keen and planned on going up to Hellisheiði to climb Hlíðarfjall.

We had a lovely drive up there, but it was still only mid march, and while it was clear and blue, it was also -7 up on the heiði, and we realllly weren't quite dressed for that. We chickened out and returned to the lowlands, to go up Trölladyngja.

Where we had a lovely day. Sufficiently steep to remind us all that we'd not done an awful lot of exercise since christmas, low enough to not be quite as cold, yet still have some snow. The road out to Keilir is also in much better shape than previous years, which was a welcome change!

We had some fun in the creek bed canyon on the northern side of Trölladyngja. I've never gone down, it's always been steep and rocky, but Ewelina charged off into it, following some footprints, and with the snow and ice, it really was quite decent fun.

With plenty of time to spare, we walked over to Lambafellsgjá, one of the secret gems of Reykjanes, where we all ooohed and ahhhhed a the size of the crack. Again, the snow and ice made it much easier to get out of the top of it than the muddy gravel that is often there.

Then back into the sunshine and home again! Excellent to get out hiking in March

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