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Dwarftoss home brew competition

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18 September, 2013

For the autumn competition, Fagun.is, the Icelandic Home Brew Club, (or, more specifically, the Society of People Interested in Fermentology) held what was called "Dvergakast" or Dwarf toss.

The goal, to make a beer less than 2L, using "non-traditional" equipment. Points would be awarded partly for the final result, and in large part for the methodolgy.

I did a fairly simple coffeepot brew, not entirely non-traditional, as it's often used for a demonstration of the basic concepts. Still, I was going for "small beer" with good taste. I got way higher boiloff than expecting, and had a great deal of difficulting measuring out hops for such a small volume. (I now have a fractional gram scale, I didn't then) The beer was far too hoppy, but otherwise ok.

I had not thought nearly far enough out of the box :) Some of the other entrants were.... twisted :) A fun little competition, and one we should do again.

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