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UQRC climbing trip in the Blue Mountains - Probably 1999

Pictures are at the bottom...

Unknown. Probably December 99

While visiting a university friend in Grenoble, France, I was handed an envelope of photos and asked, "do you know any of these people?" I did. I took the photos, but no-one could work out how they'd ended up where they did. I've no idea where the rest of the pictures from this trip are either, possibly (hopefully) in an album in Australia, but let's at least let these ones see the light of day.

The photos are all from the UQRC (University of Queensland Rockclimbing Club) annual Blue Mountains trip. There's often a shortage of photos from these trips, people tend to be climbing, but if I remember correctly, I'd hurt my ankle falling off the start of Ballrace at Piddington, and hobbled around with a few different groups to take pictures.

The pictures labelled Mt Boyce could really be anywhere, but I seem to remember one day I went out there with a group to take pictures on some obscure minor crag. Could have been a different day too :)

The other pics, of Russel, Rob and ??, could really be anywhere at all. no clue anymore.

The pics of Bob aiding at Kangaroo Point are from preparations before a deliberate overnight trip to the Beerwah Bolt Route. (Very deliberate, cigars and all.) I went back later to try and do it quickly, which is a different story.

If I find anymore old pics, I'll try and scan them, but it's good to get these finally out there. I have no contact details for Tristan, Russell or James, so if anyone knows them, please let them know.

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