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Hiking to Fjallið Eina - The one mountain

Pictures are at the bottom...

18 January, 2014

I'm trying to get outside the house a little more this year. Last year I had hoped to give more time to my electronics hobbies, which I was perhaps a little too successful at, as it ended up being a the cost of hiking, rather than at the cost of playing candycrush.

So, I set myself a nice easy goal for my first real outdoor trip for the year, one of the smallest mountains around, Fjallið Eina (The one mountain) near Krýsuvík. Walking at this time of year can be depressing, with snow melt and mud everywhere, or still just too snowy and icy if you're too high. This was muddy in places, but at least not dripping wet.

Super short, I was only 2.5 hours home to home, including the drive, but it was still nice to get out there.

I tried to get a link to the map on LMI.is but they have a seriously busted website. If you search for Fjallið Eina, Grindavíkurbær, you can get a nice map of the area though.

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