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Arnarkar and Sængukonuhellir with Bjöggi and Ewelina

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4 October, 2014

We'd been planning a trip to visit Ferlir, one of the less accessible caves on Reykjanes, to go and visit it's green lava fountain. We'd rescheduled for people's availability a lot, but were finally going out. The weather was.... not great, but we thought it would be ok. (You have to walk a couple of hours to get to the entrance to Ferlir, instead of the normal 10-30minutes for most caves on Reykjanes)

We got up (mostly) on time, and headed out. Into rapidly worsening weather. Driving up towards Bláfjöll we had 4+cm of slushy snow, and horizontal muck in high winds. Very very unattractive, given we would have to hike up and into it. We decided discretion was the better part of valour, and decided a retreat to some low land caves was in order. (This is not without precedent, it took me three attempts to get up Geitafell for instance)

We decided to do the loop around the south coast, visiting Arnarker and Sængukonuhellir. Bjöggi and I had been here in winter once before and been turned away by a snow clogged entrance, and Ewelina hadn't been to either of the caves. (I had been to Sængukonuhellir twice before)

We had a good time, though caving photos are always hard, and I always forget half of what I learned the last time. The caves were all quite wet too, after the volume of rain we'd had over the last few weeks. I was using my bike light on it's head mount for the first time, and it was excellent though, far far better than my normal camping headlight. Totally awesome for caving.

A few stops at other sights along the way, and we were home again. Not quite as hardcore as going out to Ferlir, but the sane choice. Another time!

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