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Summerhouse trip to Grímsnes

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27-28 September, 2014

A lovely weekend out at Bjöggi's family's summerhouse. We played cards, ate well, soaked in the tub, watched the northern lights from the tub, and relaxed out of town. Despire forecasts, we actually had great weather all weekend. On sunday we dug up the last of the potatos, to do our duty.

On our way back into town, we stopped in at an old cottage Bjöggi and Eija had told us about, by the bank of the Sog, near Þrastalundur. It's quite interesting, being an old stone and turf cottage, but built in 1942, and lavishly decorated inside. I found a little bit about it online, but can only presume that it was built with money, but with electrification in other areas soon after, it must have just been unappealing to have an old fashioned cottage, no matter how well appointed inside.

We went for a walk around Þrastalundur in the evening sun before heading home, enjoying the trees.

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