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Caving to Búri with Ewelina and Bjöggi

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6 April, 2015

Ewelina had wanted to go caving before she left, and though April is rather optimistically early to get into a cave in Iceland, we thought we could manage one anyway. To go caving this early in the year, you need to find a cave low enough in altitude to not be completely choked in snow. Of the lowland caves within a reasonable drive of Reykjavik, we'd already been in most of them before, so we thought we'd go out to Búri. This is a cave that got fairly well known for big ice formations, to the point they even started organizing tours there.

Apparently without any consultation with landowners or anyone. There's a "closed" sign where the path starts, but there's closed signs all over the place, which could have meant anything. But, there's now a nice steel plate over the entrance with a lock. Presumably you now have to go through the Speleo Society if you want to get in.

Mixed feelings of course. We're regularly picking up garbage when we're in caves, and the impact of tourism in places like Leiðarendi has been abominable. I don't actually find Búri to be a particularly fancy cave, but being lowlands it was a good choice for this time of year. It's a nice size, enough for a good day out, with nothing really major to get concerned with.

Still, we had a nice stroll in some pretty ordinary weather :)