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Family trip north for Verslumannahelgi

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August 1-9, 2015

As has become traditional, we spent Verslumannahelgi up north with Kata's family. Kata and Stella (who was still un-named at this point) had gone up earlier in the week, and we all stayed the whole week afterwards, to have a nice change of scene for the holidays.

This was the first family holiday with babies everywhere, and I think everyone enjoyed it immensely. We still slept in, ate well, and didn't do as much we ever thought we might. The weather was pretty grey and wet the whole week of course :)

By staying for an extra week, we got to go to Fiskidagurinn in Dalvík together, somewhere I'd not been in years. We had a nice day out there, mostly standing in lines and pushing a pram around crowds, but that's all part of the adventure right?

On the way home we dropped in on Hjördís for a nice cup of coffee and a chat, before finally getting back to Reykjavík, where the sun was merrily shining as it had done all week :)