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8th Annual Australia Day

Pictures are at the bottom...

31 January, 2015

The Australia Day beach party that Lee and I put on has become firmly established on our calendar. This was the 8th year in a row we've done it, and thankfully, after a couple of years of pretty dreary weather, we got a fabulous day. Cold, quite cold for Reykjavik, about -4, but still, and clear and just beautiful.

Not many pictures from me as usual, I was too busy eating and drinking and chatting, so these pictures are from earlier in the day. Over the course of the afternoon we probably had 40-45 people come and go, with about 10-15 australians, depending on how you count children and families :)

As usual, the food was an eclectic mix of local and australian. We had vegemite sandwiches cut out in the shape of Australia, grilled pineapple, and lamb, but we also had grilled horse, and soured whale blubber.

Til next year!