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Home brew beer gear to sell / give away

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4 Jan, 2015

Some beer related things to sell. I'm moving, and some things are getting retired, some are getting upgraded, and some I just don't need anymore. (I only ever have maybe 2 taps in operation at once, I don't really need six kegs)

Used, pinlock keg, needs repair - 2500kr

Used, pinlock keg - 5000kr

Both kegs are old and used, I bought them from america years ago. These are not fancy new ones. One of them doesn't hold pressure at present, it was damaged in shipping to me some years ago, but is probably fixable by anyone with a passing interest in metal work. The other works ok.

Beer fridge (fridge only) - FREE

I'm not taking this fridge to the new house. You can have it if you want it. The thermostat is broken, if you plug it in, it will run full time and freeze, so you _need_ a controller of some sort for this. You only get the fridge, not the taps and gas/liquid lines. Fits three kegs, drilled tap mounting for three taps, drip tray, storage for bottled beer, freezer section for keeping hops. It's an old fridge and can be a bit noisy, but it's free. Has a drilled hole in the side for passing a gas line in from outside, but you could mount the gas bottle inside too if you prefer.

bottling bucket / fermenter with taps - FREE

I've had a couple of niggles with this leaking, but you can probably fix it if you want. Free if you want it, but fully aware this is not a super sexy offer :) Both taps included, I had an older bucket that was badly drilled and always leaked.

Call me on 822 2595 or email karlp@tweak.net.au

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