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Electrical panel at Ránargata - nerds only

Pictures are at the bottom...

29 January, 2015

A couple of photos of the insides of the electrical panel at our new house. Just for sharing online really, not of any particular interest to most people :)

Of note for the curious, is how much of the exposed wiring is live. The shells around the screws are all live, not just the screws themselves, the bottom bar, and the whole rail of screws with blue wiring are all live. On a modern panel, all those are plastic covered, or push fit.

On top of that, the chassis is all metal, and the panel that covers this with labels for the circuits is all metal. So dangling or loose wires, or physical damage to the panel can result in shorts. Hooray!

This house was built in 1986, and this wiring is consistent with being original.