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Cleaning the fridge - old yeast samples

Pictures are at the bottom...

27 January, 2015

As part of cleaning up the old house, I went through the yeast collection in the fridge. I don't actually have a brew system set up at the new house (yet) and these yeasts aren't special enough to move to the new house, so I opened them up to have a look.

The oldest one, from a strain labelled "Coopers Bohemian" I'd kept originally as it's not a yeast I'd seen for sale anywhere outside Australia. I'd picked up a sachet in Australia, around mid 2010, and the jar is from a batch brewed in September 2010.

It had developed a nice chunky pellicle on top, and the sludge underneath smelt very much like vegemite :)

Nothing otherwise particular to report. If anyone recognises the pale brown stringy infection, please let me know. I'm not sure if it's simply an advanced Lactobacillus, or somethign else. Normally Lactobacillus looks much whiter and bubbly, something I also get, but I've had this sort of infection before too, but never been entirely sure what it is.