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Vífilfell with Mum and Margaret

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11 September, 2015

Mum and Margaret had just arrived from a month of hiking around Norway and Sweden, but they weren't going to slacken off, not one bit. We headed up Vífilfell, one of my favourite local mountains.

They're doing a lot of digging for dirt, and dumping dirt in the area, and for whatever reason, they've now declared that they're locking the gate way out near the main road after work hours now. There's a great big parking area at the trail head, not really sure why it needed to be closed so far out, but so be it.

It's a lovely walk, a bit steep and gravelly in one section, and pretty much in need of some steps being cut to try and contain erosion, but it's well posted now at least. It was rather tumultuous weather, rain clouds swirling around, rainbows and sunshine. We were a bit dubious about some rain, but Mum and I continued all the way to the top.

As we came back off the top, and started down the rocky section, it started to really rain. The whole mountainside turned into streamers and cascades, and as we reached the flat shoulder again, we'd out walked the water catchment. So we got to watch the cascades reach their peak, and for a little dry creek fill up with water, flow, and then die back again. Perfect timing. Animated sequence here

It was great to get out and up a mountain again, it had been a little while for me :)