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Grímannsfell in Mosfellsdalur

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29 June, 2017

Within 24 hours of each other, both Tryggi and Bjöggi spoke to me suggesting, "maybe it was time to go for a hike again?" Indeed it was. We found a route near town, and scooted off after work.

Grímannsfell was the destination, right near home in Mosfellsdalur, but somewhere none of us had ever been before. After we chose it, I found a few pics online and didn't actually look very interesting, but... it was about the right length and close enough for mid week after work hiking.

It was actually lovely! We changed plans a little bit, deciding to come down the northside past Helgufoss and back past Gljúfrasteinn, as it looked more interesting than the circle south on the higher land.

The track is quite well marked, and obviously relatively well travelled, but still clearly very much a "locals" path, and far off the tourist track. The actual Helgufoss is quite pretty, and particularly if you come in from the north, is probably a very lovely afternoon picnic spot.