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Geldingadalir, flowing SE out the gap

Pictures are at the bottom...

21 April, 2021

After my rather dissapointing last trip, new craters had opened. I'd missed some good weather days, been free on bad weather days, and missed the break out of geldingadalir through the SE gap.

But, not by much!

This was a great trip, as good as the first. The river flowing out the SE gap is beautiful. The crater it's flowing from wasn't there on my last trip, and I walked in the through the gap. I'd initially planned on walking around the valley to watch it flow down the north east into Meradalir, but it wasn't actually doing that, it was just filling in the dead end low point in this (as yet) unnamed hanging valley.

Just a lovely evening. Not much else to add, other than perhaps a link to a nice interactive map of the lava flow over time.