Going to the Sun road, Glacier National Park

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Glacier National Park was superb. I was still a little down when I arrived here, and heading off up the track to Sperry Glacier didn't help. This was a stupid idea. I had planned on a 16mile loop walk the next day, so who knew what I was thinking starting up a 17 mile return walk at 2pm. My shoes were killing me as well.

Sensibly decided that I should enjoy myself rather than just try and be hard, I took in the sights of the Going to the Sun road instead. Walked up to the Hidden Lake overlook at Logan Pass, and had a wonderful time looking at the wildflowers, the fantastic geology of Glacier NP, and getting in two of the Glacier NP animal trifecta. bighorn sheep, mountain goats and grizzlies.

The first time you see them, you think wow! and start snapping pics from 300 feet away. Then later on you realise that they largely couldn't care less about humans, and you can get pictures from as close as 20 feet.

Later that afternoon, I got to complete the trifecta by seeing some Grizzlies by the side of the road! This was cool. And apparently I found out later this wasn't even a very good sighting, you can often get them much closer.

Heaven's Peak

Typical Glacier NP terrain

The "Going to the Sun Road" and the "Highline Trail" just north of Logan Pass

Awesome geology

Bighorn sheep

Wildflowers, coloured talus, this was beautiful

Hidden Lake

The goats didn't seem to mind people much