Beartooth Pass to Big Sandy

Drove from Beartooth Pass down to Big Sandy, so I could go walking the next day. Stopped at thermopolis, to visit the hot springs/water park. It's no amazons. (A big water park in brisbane) Drove down through the Wind River Canyon which is neat. It cuts through a huge variety of sediments, from 80 million years ago, right through to about 2.5 billion years ago.

In Meeteetse, I got to see some americana, a guy in a cowboy hat, riding leathers, and a big revolver on his hip. Lots of bikers on the roads, travelling back from the Sturgis Ralley. Lots of bars had big "Welcome Bikers" signs out.

Driving into Lander, I saw a couple of pronghorns by the side of the road. Very impressed, didn't think they were that common. Turned onto one of Wyoming's famous dirt roads. Which is actually very good. Easily doing 50-60mph. It wasn't immune from corrugations of course, but in general it was very good. Saw more pronghorns too.

My ear refused to pop as I drove up to Big Sandy, at 9500 feet, which was extremely painful. I crawled into bed, and suffered it out, until sometime during the night it popped. Horrible experience. Yech.

Lots and lots of cars parked, the Cirque of the Towers must be very popular.

Sedimentary layers under other rock, Clarks Fork area

Neat bridge over a deep little gorge

Sunlight Basin

Like the Left Mitten, only short. (actually two peaks lined up)

Tunnels for trains and cars, Wind River Canyon

One of the many different layers exposed along the Wind River Canyon

Pronghorns along the Big Sandy Road