My Last day at cisco

For my last day at work, Ashish organised a lunch for me at the Faultline in Sunnyvale. It was lots of fun. It was really nice to see people come along, not just because some manager was paying (they all paid themselves) but because they wanted to be there. Some of the people that made it hard to leave cisco.

Thanks guys, see you all again someday.

Tri, Gaurav, Bob, Jose, Marc, Mike, Srini

Vijay, Mani, Roberto, Prashanth, Naoshad, Art is hiding, Ashish

Jose, Marc, Mike, Srini, Charles, Satish, Vijay, Mani, Roberto, Naoshad, Art, Ashish, Marcel, Tri, Gaurav, Bob

The same, plus me

Microcode group

Col2/3 guys