Redding and Lassen

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After a dissapointing stop at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, I headed up to Redding, to check out the sundial bridge, and have lunch, before heading east to Lassen Volcanic National Park.

The Sundial Bridge is fantastic. Very very beautiful. They're not all finished yet, there's no picnic area, but it's a very pretty bridge. Redding is very hot however. I head to the hills.

Lassen is only a short drive away, and there's plenty of daylight, so I figure I should be able to get up Mt Lassen itself that afternoon. It's a slog, but I make it to the top in 70min. After some pictures on top, I decide I will head out across the crater zone to the north edge. There's really no view from the end of the track.

Snow fields, and very rough terrain across the old craters, and some very loose scree get me out there. Even scarier coming back down the scree. (Scree on a ridgeback, with steep drops on both sides.) I go up the snowfield a different way, and run into icy patches which don't help either. :)

Interior of Sundial Bridge

Father and Son, Photographer and Assistant

Sundial bridge

Sundial Bridge

Sundial Bridge

Sundial Bridge

Me, part way up Mt Lassen

Me on top of Mt Lassen