Swamp Boat Tour - Louisiana

Louisiana, bayous. There's other things too, but we either didn't take photos of them (all the lovely old houses we saw driving down the road through New Iberia, Jeanerette, Baldwin and co) or there was simply no real way to take pictures of them. (All the reclaimed land and houses rising up out of the water and causeways and things out at Grande Isle)

But we went on a swamp boat tour. And we took pictures of that.

Bayou Boeuf. With a company I can't remember now. But they'd done swamp boat tours for generations, and had lived there for 5 or something. Pretty touristy, but pretty down home too. Like how Australia Zoo was before the crocodile hunter. They spoke funny anyway. We went out on a private tour, which was just because they'd just about shut for the day, so we'd driven hard to get out there in time, across the roads that are a swamp on either side. (No really, wade through standing water swamp, the real deal)

We saw alligators, egrets, herons, tortoises, and lots of Bald Cypress (which looks nothing like other cypress and more like a mangrove). And spanish moss. Lots and lots and lots of it.

Then, after a night out at Grand Isle, it was time to head to New Orleans for some partying over the Halloween weekend.



Alligator temperature control

Herons, egrets and alligator

Bald Cypress, adorned with spanish moss. Water Hyacinth (pest) floats by

Egret loitering in a Bald Cypress

Bayou scene