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Frozen sights and high winds

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Just a stroll around in the cold, seeing what could be seen. I waited around at the end of the harbour, hoping some more boys would come and play with their cars, but no luck. The Gitana, a big bulk carrier was tied up at miðbakki, which was unusual. We normally only get trawlers, cruise ships and scientific boats tied up there. Almost all cargo goes over to Sundahöfn, or at least the outer piers at the old harbour, almost never right up at miðbakki. It had unloaded a whole heap of big polysacks, but I couldn't work out what was in them.

If you ever look closely, you'll notice that even in a calm harbour, the boats are always still moving. This is normally driven home particularly clearly when taking photos of the harbour at night. Tonight was no exception. With very strong southerly winds, most of the boats were heaving at their hawsers, and much more visibly swaying at their berths, even though the southerly aspect of the wind meant that the sea was still relatively calm.

Later I walk over to Tjörnin, hoping again to get something nice from the frozen lake. I'd been there twice previously in this current cold spell, but never really been very happy with what could be seen. Still, it's always fun to ride a bike across a lake :)