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Sights, shops, ships, skies - all over town before christmas

Pictures are at the bottom...

Normally this would all just go into misc pics, but I took so many pics at so many places, all while wandering arond town, doing christmas shopping and generally enjoying a nice day, that I decided to put them all together.

The gingerbread houses are all from a competition at Smáralind. The building is Kópavogur's monument to being cooler than Reykjavík. Kópavogur is the home of all that is generally bad about iceland's current ideals. The harbour has been fun to watch leading up to christmas, as all the bigger boats return to harbour with their lights on, and stay here for a couple of weeks. A lot of them are still here, some have been getting work done, though a few have left already.

On "getting work done" I even saw some new trawl doors being delivered to one of them the other day. The truck needed a police escort, the doors were so big on the truck!

The moon halo pic is a bit of a bodge job panorama. Unless I carry the 18-55mm kit lens around (which I don't normally) I don't have the width to capture it, so that was stitched from four pictures, but I didn't get enough in one corner, and cloning a large chunk of gradient sky didn't really work out so well. But it did look cool :)

And a cooky to the person who can think of the most important word related to this day, beginning with the letter S. Send me an email if you have a suggestion. (There's one big one)

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