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Menningarnótt - Cultural night, night of arts in Reykjavik

Pictures are at the bottom...

Menningarnótt, the night of arts, cultural night, the day of teenage drinking and adult debauchery, comes late August every year, and is a rather special day. Town is full of people, full of interactive art, full of junk food vendors, full of music and full of life. People open up their doors and show off their own personal arts and crafts, whether they consider themselves artistes or not. Something special, something different, and something fun, for just one day.

And of course, as the day wears on, with garden parties and sidewalk bbqs, the alcohol flows rather liberally, and the party continues until "6 in the mornin" as a tall curly haired man from LA would say. This year was rather wet, but I still had a nice afternoon strolling around Þingholt, somewhere I'd never really walked on Menningarnótt before. Just a few snaps from the day.

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