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Attempting Auroras from Álftanes

Pictures are at the bottom...

The aurora forecast said active. There were great aurora from my house, there'd been the best aurora of my three years here on friday night, and it was damn time I got some more pictures. I'd had wild ideas of hiking up Helgafell, and watching them from there, but with the howling wind, and lack of company, I decided with a last minute veer across the road that I would try Álftanes instead, maybe get a good view over the city.

Of course, even though I could see active streamers from the car, by the time I got out of the car, it had settled down to a fairly ordinary static green band. And Álftanes is simply too low to give a good view over the city.

So I drove out to Helgafell anyway, hoping that maybe it would liven up again. It didn't. I didn't have my light with me anyway, and it was stupidly cold, so I took another picture or two, and called it a night. Aurora photopgrahy takes more than just living in polar regions unfortunately.