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First of the month, time for banking

Pictures are at the bottom...

A cold day. A day off. A day to go and get things done. I got a haircut, which made my head quite cold, though it's used to it again now. I went to the harbour to admire the view. I like living by the harbour. It's comforting somehow. I went to the bank. A busy afternoon at the bank. And a broad cross section of the community at the bank. Even the punks have to do their banking sometimes. I would have liked better pics of his outfit, it was quite well worn and well fitted, almost like they were never ever actually removed, or perhaps it was a suit that simply unzipped somewhere.

In addition to the punks, (our star had friends) and the teen girls, there were goretex clad tourists, grandmas in woolen overcoats, suited business types, you name it, everyone was doing their banking. It was the first of the month!

Oh, this was the coldest day I remember in Iceland. -10. Though it was only the coldest by the numbers. Because it was also completely still, it really didn't feel very cold at all. I've had many many colder days in iceland, where the wind gave the mercury a little push.