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Guido's bachelor party in Reykjadalur

Pictures are at the bottom...

In comparison to some other bachelor parties, this one was fairly restrained. But it was also absolutely perfect. Just four of us, Guido of course, Wolfgang, myself, and Logi. We took him out to Reykjadalur, to stay overnight in the cabin there, have a nice bbq, a swim, maybe a beer or three, and hang out.

There quite a few extra unwitting guests of the party, staying at the cabin as well, but we showed them up. They all went to bed early after their noodles and freezedried hiking junk. We had bbqs, three rounds of meat, salad, deserts, roast potatoes, the works. Wolfgang had even lovingly carried a bottle of Apfel Schnapps from the region where Guido grew up.

The next day we hiked out in 25C weather, sweating like pigs. I honestly felt as hot as hiking in queensland in summer. Of course, the butter in my backpack was still firm and ok when I got home, so it was never really that hot :)

After icecreams and softdrinks in Hverager├░i, we dropped him back at home with his bride to be.

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