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Baggy Green Viking Helmets - 20/20 Cricket in Iceland

Pictures are at the bottom...

After dodging the queries and suggestions in prior seasons, I decided to make more use available opportunities, and went to play cricket. As one of the few Icelanders around, baggy green viking helmet here I come!

I was very pleased with the game. A lot of fun, I even managed to take a wicket! The teams for the day were Tata Consulting, who fielded an entire team from their own staff, playing against "The Icelanders," a team of expat cricket players now residing in Iceland. I was very impressed with the amount of gear that exists on the island!

Tata ended up winning, but it was a close match. (For various definitions of close) The pitch is on MiklatĂșn, and though it's better than nothign, it certainly features some excessively short boundaries, and is hardly a level and even playing surface. Lots of fun though :)