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Around Grindavík and Straumsvík

Pictures are at the bottom...

Wolfgang and I went for a nice drive in the sun to the Salt Fish Museum in Grindavík. The museum was nice, it has an english language audio disc, but being able to read Icelandic made a big difference. Some beautiful models, but still I would have loved more depth in some areas. We had the place too ourselves, and enjoyed patiently letting the two 11 year old girls manning the joint work out how to use the cash register. They had some nice postcards here I'd not seen anywhere else, that were reproductions of old manuscripts and charts. Made a welcome change. You can see one of them on the plonkalicious 1000

With plenty of day left, we were going to cruise the road from Grindavík to Krýsuvík, but it was closed due to heavy snow. We still had a good drive around looking at the sights in the weather. On the way home we stopped at Straumsvík to take pictures of the reflections and the smelter.