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Sensory Evaluation - traditional brew herbs at Stulli's

Pictures are at the bottom...

Back in March, Stulli had brewed with icelandic brewing herbs and they were now all ready for tasting. He invited us over for an evening of Sensory Evaluation, to be followed by some hand crafted thai red curry.

We were issued with note paper and pens, and encouraged to write down our guesses as to the herb used, or any other opinions we might have, and then Stulli just started bring forth the numbered bottles. What a treat!

Referring to my notes, which are little rough... (If you want actual amounts, you should contact Stulli for the brew day notes) All brews were from the same basic wort, straight Marris Otter, no specialty grains, then boiled in ~4l batches.

After that, well, time for curry! Stulli and his gracious wife Sissa fired up the stove and served a delicioud red curry, leaving sniffles and sweaty scalps in their wake, before we settled down to more adventures in the record collection, tall tales, other homebrews, more beer, more tall tales and eventually, out into the wild nights of reykjavik.

An excellent evening with good company.

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