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Afternoon trip to some hills around Þingvallavatn

Pictures are at the bottom...

I hadn't gotten enough exercise for a while, and though I started rather late, given the lateness of autumn, I drove out to Þingvellir, to attempt one of the largish hills there. My little engine that could, couldn't however, or at least not wisely, given the depth of mud, and the number of people who knew my whereabouts (zero) So I went for a walk where the car stopped. Not nearly as big a trip, but exercise nonetheless :) It was _extremely_ windy. But I found some nice chunks of moberg on top of a small hill, and took a few photos.

I then went for a bit of an explore, finding another road I couldn't really get down easily, before ending up visiting Þingvallavatn. Only instead of visiting the western side, like every other time, I pulled into the northeastern side. Which was a very pleasant surpise! Good proper rifts, full of water! Quite a pleasant change.

The lateness of my start caught up however, and with the last rays of light, I headed back into town.