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Cheese lessons for Bel, more cheeeese

Pictures are at the bottom...

A few people expressed interest in learning this magical art of easy cheese making, but when push came to shove, only Bel showed up :) Other people had excuses though, so it's ok :) We just made lemon cheese again, but this time we made it with 4.5L of milk in a new stock pot I bought. We also only hung the cheese for one hour, instead of three. Last time I'd let it hang while I went out and did some shopping, and it was quite stiff. This time it has remained moister and spreadable.

Once it was ready, we had fun rummaging through the spice rack making sushi rolls of cheese, blended patty cakes of cheese and spice rolled sausages of cheese. Yum. This morning I had some of them spread out on toast with tomatato. More Yum :)