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Beer Day around town

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Beer Day, the 1st of March. We'd had a good night the night before, luckily (somehow?) going home early, so afer a swim the next morning, I went for a bit of a wander around town, ending up, like often, down in the slips. A new whale quote was out, much bigger than in previous years, so the only company in Iceland that is actually equipped to make use of this quota was getting one of their old boats up on the slip to get some repairs done. After 20odd years of sitting at the dock, it had a rather impressive layer of barnacles on it. I was a couple of days late for that, but I did get to see barnacleageddon piled up on the ground underneath the boat.

While I was there Lee gave me a call, he'd only just heard it was beer day (it was now Sunday afternoon) and wanted to know if I was up for an afternoon beer? He stuck a couple of tins in his jacket and walked over.

We were having a good chat in the cold when ViĆ°ar walked up, taking a very circuitous route home, through the slips for a look, just like us. We detoured to his place for a coffee and a warm up, then Lee and I headed into town, to get some beer into Lee. We hadn't gotten very far when we ran into some troublemakers outside the English Pub. We had been planning on going up the hill a bit further to partake in some beer day specials, but we were helpfully informed that beers were only 300 kr! Score! We heaaded in for at least one, but when two beers cost less than one normal beer, and they put up a rugby game to watch, even featuring an Australian team, we stayed for quite a few. Lots of fun :)

Side note: The english pub has a rather dubious (at the best of times) "lucky wheel" where you pay 1500 kr, and can win free beers, it's a money maker for them, I think the average works out to 1.5 beers or something, so they're raking in the dough. (it's normally under heavy rotation) However, when the beer is only 300kr, only two spots on the wheel, the 10 beer spot and the 1 metre of beer spot are actually cheaper than just buying them. And so, today, no-one was spinning it. Except one tourist. Who just wanted to, and obviously wasn't quite up to date with relative prices. The barman even tried to talk him out of spinning! Still, he proceeded to pay up big and spin. And lose. Twice in a row. Not even one beer!

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