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Leggjabrjótur, The Leg Breaker - Walking from Hvalfjörður to Þingvellir, rainbows and waterfalls

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Leggjabrjótur, or Leg Breaker, is a well known walking route, connecting Hvalfjörður and Þingvellir, and it had been on the list of places to go for a while, so one early summer day, I organised two cars and a gang of people to do the car shuffle required. While we all had a good day, I wouldn't bother with this again, nor would I recommend it to anyone. We should have known in advance, this walk is old and famous not for it's beauty, but simply because it was _the_ way to get across that part of the country before the invention of the automobile. It's a travel route, not a scenic route, pure and simple. Also, the car shuffle is epic, adding about 3.5 hours onto the day.

The first half of the route, from Hvalfjörður up to Sandvatn isn't bad really, there's plenty of small waterfalls in the creeks, and you can see across to Glýmur and up at Botnssúlur, but from Sandvatn down to Þingvellir, it's just lumpy, rocky, and boring. There's a jeep track most of the way up here to, so it's just plodding.

Right at the very very end, with the cars in sight, we were treated to an amazing double rainbow display, which made it all worthwhile. Absolutely spectacular.

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