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Not much climbing, More exploring - Valshamar

Pictures are at the bottom...

Bjöggi and Viðar and Björn organised a day trip to Valshamar, and I committed myself to it. It was a bit crowded, and I wasn't feeling super tough, and was somewhat more interested in just going for a walk, or maybe some trad climbing. I even took a good gear rack with me, and I think I climbed two routes :) I _did_ go for a walk up to Ránef, the cliff band on Miðmundadalshnúkur, to look for some alleged trad climbing up there. I found a lot of cliff. A lot of very icelandic cliff. Mossy, crumbly, and very scenic for walking :)

I did find one section of rather good looking rock, with some inspiring lines even, but they were the sort of lines I _could_ climb, not that I really ever will. The top outs are very very very hazardous, straight into moss, and I'm really not in the sort of wild gear leads that I may once have been. Still, I had a good walk, and on the way back to the boys, I disturbed a Lóa (Golden Plover) sitting on her eggs. They're fun birds, they duck down very low and quiet until you almost step on them. I'd never seen the eggs before, they're very well camoflaged.