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Summerhouses and caving, Litli Björn, Vörðuhellir and bbqs and hotpots

Pictures are at the bottom...

Bjöggi had been keeping secret his rather well appointed summer house, but it finally slipped out, so he invited us all over for a weekend away. An afternoon of caving, then some bbq and a hot pot, and a whole lot of chit chat and all the accoutrements.

We went to Vörðuhellir and Litli Björn, which are the two caves I had been in with the scouts earlier in the summer. This time I had some camera gear, and we got a few shots, though I still need manual controls on my flash to really be all that successful.

We did the caves in the reverse order, which is fine if you're all cavers, but if you're taking first timers, I would highly recommend starting at Litli Björn and going down the hill. That way when you get a beautiful easy cave, which progressively gets harder and less beautiful, with the final chambers in Vörðuhelli for a second reward.

Of course, if you're Bjöggi, rolling sideways down a very low passage towards a dead end is reward enough.

Of course, if you're Bjöggi, you can get excitement anytime you choose, by simply running out of petrol on the way home :)

Anyway, here's a few snaps from the weekend

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