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Mushrooms in the dark - Ganging up and oozing black ink

Pictures are at the bottom...

After taking some pictures of mushrooms during the day, I thought they might look cool at night too, and besides, I still have this shiny new camera to get dirty, and try out it's night operation.

The mushrooms are still cool at night, though this was a different herd. These were nice and wet from the day's rain too, not the sunny waving mushrooms of lunchtime the day before. I had a good time lying on my stomach in the wet on the side of the road, and I'm sure I raised some eyebrows from passing drivers with the flash too. I think I got a few interesting shots at least. Again, like the day before, I'm not really sure what species this is, other than being in the Coprinus and related families.

Oh, and the camera? Continues to show up the (lack of) quality of my old 100-300mm zoom, but I LOVE being able to use magnified live view to use manual focus in the dark. Very, very handy. Mirror lockup is also a LOT easier to use on this camera than with the hacked firmware on my old 300d.