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Plan C - Gæsavatnaleið, highland jeeping with Bjöggi and Ásta - Day 3

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12-15 August, 2010

...Continued from Day 2

On our final day, while reading through the guestbook in the cabin at Arnardalur, we came up with the name for the weekend. Plan C is always best. We'd planned on going Gæsavatnaleið, but that didn't work out, then we'd planned on going to Hveragil, but that didn't work out, so we'd ended up at Arnardalur, at that sure had worked out. We'd had a wonderful weekend so far, and still had a day to enjoy.

Just after we got underway, the weather got a little bit less nice, but the grey drizzle made the remaining desolate highlands even more desolate. But then comes Möðrudalur, another of those Oases in the desert. There'd been a party here the night before, as part of a monthlong festival for the local area, and although we were happy where we'd been, instead of wedged in amongst the dozens of campers here, their painting session looked great. They had about 50 or 60 wooden boards set up on the grass bank, all facing towards Herðubreið, and they'd alll been painting their own version of Herðubreið. This was a really cool idea, and some of the paintings were excellent.

From here, it was sealed major roads all the way home, but still lots of fun. We stopped for a swim at Grjótagjá, near Mývatn, then again at Holtssel, in Eyjafjörður, for some home made icecream, and then again in Hvammstangi for pancakes and coffee with Bjöggi's grandmother.

And then, like all good weekends, we had come to Monday. Back to the ordinary again, at least for a few days... :)