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High seas in the south east, Jökulsárlón, Dyrhólaey

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7 July, 2010

We headed south, homewards from Bakkagerði, to try and avoid a major storm coming up the south and east coast. After icecreams in the sunshine in Egilsstaðir, we had driven into light rain over Öxi, which cleared again by the time we got to Djúpivogur. We cooked a gourmet meal at the campground, and went to bed, thinking we'd gotten ahead of it.

We were wrong :) I got up to a very very soggy floor, and spent a couple of hours playing on my computer in the kitchen. My tent's getting a bit old, and doesn't stand up to the wind as well as in the past. Of course, setting up in what turned out to be a puddle didn't help.

Mum and Helen were on _slightly_ higher ground, so they slept a bit longer, but we still all got up early, and headed the hell out of this flooded, windswept campground. Not much else to do in Djúpivogur!

Seems the storm was about at it's peak. Lots of wind, and some great waves along the coast south.

Something we found interesting was all the swans resting in the sea lagoons at Lón and Álftafjörður, hundreds and hundreds of them.

Past Höfn, we were back into normal weather again, so we did the normal south coast things on the way home. Jökulsárlón, Dyrhólaey, and Seljavellirlaug.

Jökulsárlón was as fun as always, playing with the ice washed up on the shore, Seljavellirlaug was a bit of a bust though, the wind was blowing thick grey clouds of ash from Eyjafjalljökull around, so dense we didn't even get out of the car.

A beautiful day, lots of interesting sights, not much in the way of birthday though :)

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