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Caving with Mum, Helen, Ellen and Wendy - Litli Björn

Pictures are at the bottom...

For the last full day that Mum and Helen had here, I took them for some lava tube caving. To bulk up the numbers a bit for some general safety, I called in a few friends. Ellen had always wanted to go in a cave, and her friend Wendy was visiting, so we had a posse and headed out to Litli-Björn/Vörðurhelluir, near Þingvellir, by the Laugarvatn road.

I'd been here a few times before, but had a hard time finding the entrance for some time today. But, in then end we found it, and headed below, despite it being a lovely sunny afternoon. You should be using the above ground weather when it's nice out!

An enjoyable stroll/crawl through to the end of Litli-Björn, where we split up, some of us choosing to stick in the bigger passages of Litli-Björn and head back the way we came, and some choosing to at least have a go at pushing through into Vörðurhellir, and coming out at the lower entrance.

In the end, everyone came back the way they went, but everyone came out in one piece, so mission accomplished. As usual, getting the light balanced just right for some of these shots is tricky, as well as getting models to hold things exactly just so :) But we got a couple of decent pictures. (about 7-9 outtakes of each of the posed shots)