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17 June downtown with the family

Pictures are at the bottom...


Mum and Helen had arrived the night before, and June 17 was Icelandic independence day. They both needed a good sleep, but then they came into town with Haddi, and we had a nice stroll around town, just taking in the crowds.

For dinner, Herdís had invited all of us siblings over for dinner, so we had a massive feed of bbq lamb and potatoes and all the good bits, but then it was time to get back downtown. One of Pabbi's wishes had been to go downtown with his kids on 17 June, maybe have a beer or three.

So we took him with us, and kept some beers in the backpack with him. Helen and Anika and Palli and I, and a few of my friends. We ended up at Boston for a couple more, finishing off the day in proper style.